GoFightForeclosure.com Celebrates The Home Foreclosure E-Book Progress

An Amazon Best Seller Kindle is headed to retail stores.

After landing in the Amazon Best Sellers for Top 100 Free ranking at #11 in the real estate category The Home Foreclosure E-Book is now available to borrow for free or purchase at an exceptional low rate.

GoFightForeclosure.com today announced the success of The Home Foreclosure E-Book. After ranking at #11 in the real estate section on the Amazon Best Sellers for Top 100 Free list during a promotional run is still going strong. The Home Foreclosure E-Book is available to Amazon Prime Members to borrow for free. Additionally, consumers may also purchase the digital download from the Amazon Kindle Store at an exceptional low rate of only $9.99.


What's next for The Home Foreclosure E-Book? According to Kyle Ransom, the creator of the Go Fight Foreclosure System 2.0 and author this E-book is going paperback headed to retail stores. Ransom says the decision to make The Home Foreclosure E-Book a paperback version was urged by fans and supporters. He expresses the information provided about home foreclosure can be resourceful to every homeowner even those not in foreclosure.

CoreLogic a firm that focuses on analysis reports 10.8 million homeowners remain underwater representing 22% of all mortgages in the country. Ransom explains that underwater mortgages are a threat to the housing recovery in the United States because these homeowners owe more than their homes are worth. He feels that if a homeowner experiences a job loss or illness they will be in possible danger of foreclosure. Which is where The Home Foreclosure E-Book serves as a planning guidebook to avoid foreclosure.

The Home Foreclosure E-Book proclaims to contain insiders foreclosure secrets not found anywhere else. The foreclosure prevention tips provided in the E-Book are based on years of effective research and case studies though the acclaimed Go Fight Foreclosure System. These proven foreclosure prevention secrets are deemed to have a value at over $2,500 and helped thousands of homeowners save their homes from foreclosures.

Here is an overview of what homeowners learn:

Foreclosure Process Overview
Defining A Mortgage
Chances Are Your Foreclosure Could Be Wrongful
Foreclosure Authority
Three Reasons Why You Should Care About Home Foreclosure Improper Mortgage Securitization
Identifying Mortgage Assignment Fraud: Six Action Steps
Challenging A Mortgage (Before Foreclosure)
How To Fight Foreclosure After The Sale
9 Proven Steps To Prevent Home Foreclosure

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