GoFightForeclosure.com Declares Not All Foreclosure Defense Companies Are Scams

Lenders Trying To Prevent Homeowners From Costing Millions On Foreclosure Challenger Fees

Mortgage lenders and servicers want to convince homeowners to recognize all foreclosure defense helpers as scams a fast effort to discourage homeowners from challenging foreclosures.

GoFightForeclosure.com today announced to declare that not all foreclosure defense companies are scams. Citing that mortgage lenders and services simply want to discourage homeowners from challenging foreclosures and convincing homeowners to recognize all foreclosure defense help as a scam. Exposing this move is an effort to prevent homeowners from costing lenders millions on foreclosure challenger fees.

According to Kyle Ransom, former mortgage broker with over 16 years of experience in the mortgage financial industry lenders don't want foreclosures challenged. Ransom says now after striking a deal with the government to end a review of their foreclosure practices lenders can't afford to have foreclosures challenged. Which he says would further expose wrongful foreclosure practices such as Robo signers and witnesses still being used to commit fraud to foreclose on homeowners.

Ransom says not all foreclosure defense companies and attorneys are out to scam homeowners. He feels some companies actually do uncover some important facts about improper mortgage securitization in the loan. He explains that while no one can make the promise to stop foreclosure they can commit to finding flaws that can challenge if the foreclosure is enforceable.

Continuing Ransom says homeowners need to use common sense when working with foreclosure companies to assist with foreclosure defenses. Expressing that homeowners should especially beware of attorneys who only want to delay and request continuance without providing a true defense challenge against foreclosures. He feels that homeowners should demand that foreclosure defense companies or attorneys provide breakdown details of improper mortgage securitization related to their specific loans.

Citing homeowners should ask the following questions when hiring foreclosure defense companies or attorneys concerning their loans: This information is copyright of GoFightForeclosure.com it may only be republish with credit back.

  1. Is the party foreclosing the secured creditor on the loan?

  2. How do you know if the party foreclosing is the correct secured creditor?

  3. Was a QWR, Qualified Written Request done on the loan?

  4. Was the security instrument and promissory note ever separated?

  5. How do you know that the security instrument and promissory note have been kept together at all times?

  6. What documentation flaws have been found to establish that the foreclosing party is not a Holder In Due Course?

Further, Ransom says that those conducting loan modifications should also be asking similar questions. He reveals that good loan auditing can expose if the foreclosing party is not the secured creditor and can challenge enforceable security interest to stop foreclosure and force lenders into settlements.

When it comes to loan auditing Ransom says homeowners must educate themselves and start with conducting a Qualified Written Request on their loans. Urging that every homeowner in America should conduct a powerful QWR to see if the correct secured party is collecting payments on their loans.

The Go Fight Foreclosure System 2.0 can be used to learn how-to challenge foreclosure available at http://gofightforeclosure.com . The QWR Attack System is used to send a powerful qualified written request available at http://qwrattack.gofightforeclosure.com/ .

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